Infor EAM

Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) gives large, asset-intensive businesses the tools to monitor and manage the deployment, performance, and maintenance of company assets, helping to prevent operational surprises and uncover hidden profits. More than computerized maintenance management software, this asset management and maintenance solution also enables you to analyze data for key trends and anomalies, forecast performance issues, and make forward-looking decisions to drive performance and ensure that projected financial results are achieved.

Infor EAM software has been helping companies worldwide—including more than 60 percent of the Fortune 500—for over 20 years. This application is available both as a web hosted and onsite hosted solution.

Modules and Features

Infor EAM Enterprise Edition’s business-specific modules and unique features include:

Assets: identify, track, locate, and analyze physical assets, and facilitate metered usage measurement and automatic usage value transmission to sub-components.

Asset hierarchy management:  track asset costs and movement using an easily configured “family tree” that forms relationships between equipment, systems, and locations.

Asset management services: define time, material, and labor costs in cost-charging arrangements and apply charges to commercial agreements for maintenance work performed.

Audit trails:  track changes to data, comments, and attributes for almost every Infor EAM table.

Budget management:  automate budget setup and the subsequent capture, monitoring, control, and analysis of associated maintenance expenditures.

Depreciation:  calculate and display asset depreciation methods including straightline, double declining rate, sum of-the-years-digits, and units of production.

Inbox and scorecard with KPIs:  specify automatically generated numerical counts of items awaiting action, such as requisitions or work orders, and view a graphical depiction of key performance indicator (KPI) status based on user-specified parameters.

Inspection management—gain more control over condition monitoring through the automatic generation of corrective work actions when an inspection result exceeds a preset limit.

Linear assets:  define an asset in terms of linear reference details such as length, unit of measure, and geographic reference.

Materials management:  monitor and control the inventories of storerooms. These tools, which include economic order quantity (EOQ) and class calculations and assignments, support parts receipts, issues, returns, and cycle counts.

Messenger:  enable user-defined recipients to receive email notification for predefined events, such as a request submission or receipt of a part.

Multi-organization support:  manage multiple legal entities with one database and apply security settings to determine a user’s access.

Preventive maintenance flexibility:  base preventive maintenance tasks on a fixed date, flexible time period, or metered usage, letting Infor’s solution adjust schedules to compensate for early or late work accomplishment. Incorporate routes with a task to service—under a single work order—multiple assets that share similar requirements.

Project management:  automate complex or simple projects from initiation to completion.

Purchasing management:  ensure that the right parts are ordered and monitor delivery times, vendor performance payments, and goods receipts. For advanced web-based procurement, use Infor EAM iProcure.

Repairable spares functionality:  designate parts or equipment as being “repairable.”

Reports:  select from a variety of predefined reports including assets, materials, purchasing, schedule, work, budget analysis, projects, and commercial services.

Upload utility:  uses Web Services to facilitate rapid insertion of data into the system without the need for manual data entry.

Warranties and warranty claims:  track asset warranties, process warranty claims, and provide for unlimited meter and date-based warranties against any asset.

Work management:  track all aspects related to work performed on assets.


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