Infor PM

Infor Performance Management (PM) is a cost-effective solution tailored to the business requirements of organisations. Pre-configured with best-in-class business practices that address the need for simplicity and ease of implementation, Infor PM helps organisations test various business scenarios within minutes to create useful, realistic financial and operational plans. The solution also allows your organization to transform budgeting into a collaborative, meaningful process reflecting its real-world needs. With Infor PM your organization moves beyond performance measurement to true performance management

Infor PM helps organisations thrive in today’s ultra-competitive business atmosphere by providing the tools to optimize three critical processes: planning, budgeting, and reporting.


Infor PM planning capabilities allow you to model your business quickly and test multiple scenarios easily, helping you prepare realistic financial and operational plans that will make it possible for your organization to achieve its goals.


Infor PM’s budgeting function assists you with managing, streamlining, and improving the integrity of this critical business process.


Infor PM comes with an Application Studio which facilitates reporting for planning and budgeting. Application Studio allows you to gather information and share knowledge throughout the organization, so key decision-makers get the information they need in a timely manner and in a single location.

By implementing Infor PM your company can:

  • Reduce its reliance on one-off spreadsheets.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on planning and budgeting cycles.
  • Get better insight into company performance.
  • Spend more time on analysis and decision making.
  • Be more confident about results.

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