Remita is a world class electronic courier service that rides on secured e-Payment Highways to deliver funds to bank accounts and associated schedules to relevant bodies in their pre-specified formats.

It is a one-stop solution that enables you to meet payment obligations to your employees, pensioners, vendors, contractors and other 3rd parties from the comfort of your office or mobile devices.

Remita comes in 3 modules designed to deliver specific functionalities to organizations. They are:

  1. Remita e-Payment Module
  2. Remita e-Collection Module and
  3. Remita Payroll & Biometrics Module

With Remita e-Payment module, you can:

  • Process all payments electronically End-to-End
  • Make payments to any Commercial or Microfinance Bank
  • Conduct Multi-Bank Activity from just one place
  • Institute Amount-Based Security
  • Replicate your existing Payment Workflow
  • Deliver Schedules to relevant parties
  • View Reports & Audit Trail
  • View Consolidated Bank Balances on one screen

With Remita e-Collection module, you can:

  • Directly debit your customer’s accounts in any Nigerian bank
  • Collect cash from your customers through any branch of Nigerian bank
  • Collect funds from your customers by accepting their bank card details
  • Have easy consolidated view of all collection activities across all banks
  • Comprehensive reports across all banks

With Remita Payroll & Biometrics module, you can:

  • Store basic data of your employees
  • Compute all their Allowances, Loans, Pensions, Taxes and other Deductions
  • Process payroll in an extremely simple and easy manner and
  • Optionally use Biometrics to identify your staff
  • Deliver Payslips and Tax Computation slips to all employees
  • User definable reports in addition to standard report